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New Product! TouchPro Professional Chair Massage Online NCBTMB CE Course ~ Free Test Drive!

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Make a Living & Make a Difference with Chair Massage!

Whether you already do chair or table massage, are a health care professional, provide personal care services, or simply want to improve the quality of life for your friends and family, this course is for you.

TouchPro’s NCBTMB approved comprehensive professional chair massage program provides 32 videos and 30 downloadable PDFs that take you step-by-step through the process of learning a core 15-minute upper body sequence. Additional preview and practice videos guide you through the whole sequence or any individual part. This program comes in a 12 hour CE course and non-CE course.

You will also learn critical screening and hygiene protocols and, in the Bonus Lessons, you can read about the history of chair massage, how to do a chair massage without a massage chair, why you need to pay attention to the possibility of fainting, and much more.

This is the first time the original course in chair massage is being offered online just as it was developed and taught by David Palmer, the “father” of chair massage. Since 1986, tens of thousands of students in hundreds of seminars around the world have studied this massage program.

That year David also introduced the first professional massage chair making skillful touch accessible to everyone. Unlike table massage, chair massage is simpler, quicker, requires no oils, disrobing, or private rooms, and it can be learned by almost anyone.

 How this course will benefit your work and your life...

  • Ignite your current chair massage practice
  • Expand and enhance your table practice
  • Earn 12 NCBTMB continuing education credits
  • Add professional touch to your health care or personal care service work
  • Improve the quality of life of your friends and family
  • Free access for TouchPro Grads and Home Study Course participants

This listing is for information only. For more complete information, test-drive the course, or to purchase, please check out the TouchPro Professional Chair Massage Online website.

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