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Why Choose Stronglite?

"Number one in overall satisfaction with customer service and product quality" - that's what bodywork equipment distributors rated Stronglite in a 1998 independent survey.

Truly subjecting their tables to the test of time, many school owners and longtime users of Stronglite equipment tell Stronglite that Stronglite tables hold up under severe conditions better than any other brands they've tried.

It's a natural outcome of Stronglite's manufacturing philosophy. At Stronglite they believe that safety is the most important quality for bodywork equipment, which is why all of their tables and chairs are given a computerized stress analysis. This is the best means of assuring that there are no weak points and that all the members have a large factor of safety under the most strenuous loading conditions.

Stronglite tables and chairs are tested to a much higher stress level than they will ever see in even the most vigorous practice. You and your clients will always feel safe with a Stronglite table or chair.

Stronglite also feels that functionality, durability, value and aesthetics are important, and they seek to find the perfect balance of these qualities. Because they tend to favor function over aesthetics, you may not see a laser-cut logo on our equipment, because they'd prefer to give you two functional knobs per leg extension.

Like true beauty, quality is more than skin deep. In fact, the deeper you look into Stronglite, the more quality you'll find. Stronglite strives for superiority - innovative features, materials and craftsmanship, product testing and customer service.

Innovative Features

Stronglite Power Lock SystemStronglite's Power Lock Massage Table Support System (patent #5,676,062): Unique to Stronglite and the industry's strongest. With less flex, your full effort can go into your client without fear of bending the table. You and your client can relax with a more stable, secure session.

Stronglite's box beam reinforced tabletop is the strongest on the market, offering you and your clients a heightened sense of safety and stability.

Stronglite's double knob leg extensions increase the safety, strength and rigidity of our tables.

Easy grip knobs make massage table height adjustments easier, even with oily hands.

Stronglite Stabilizer Bars

Stronglite's stabilizer bars, which reinforce the folding braces, create a super smooth open-and-close action, while adding stability.

Face Rest Receptors on both table ends allow you to switch your table around for more even foam wear.

Stronglite's Double-Action Plus face rest (patents #5,427,436 & #6,397,414), often imitated, is still the best. With one lever, both height and tilt are easily adjusted.

Materials: It takes more than money to get top-quality materials. Ongoing research and testing assure us - and you! - that every Stronglite table or chair is made of only the best materials available. For example, Stronglite chooses red oak from the Northeastern United States and Canada for their construction. Their R&D team discovered that southern and western red oak isn't as strong, and warps more easily.

Stronglite 2 part Leg ExtentionTwo Part Leg Extension: Stronglite's two-part water-based acrylic finish also took much testing to select. Most finishes we tried squeaked under use, which is why many other manufacturers place fabric strips between wood parts. Through exhaustive research, testing and actual use, they've determined which materials are truly the finest. The result is a table or chair that will last a lifetime.

Craftsmanship: Stronglite has long been an industry leader in craftsmanship and construction techniques. Their table frame corners, for example, are finger jointed, block reinforced in critical spots, screwed and glued with predrilled screw holes. Compare, and you'll find that many manufacturers use self-drilling screws, which aren't as strong and can actually split the wood. Some manufacturers take even greater shortcuts by using staples, which loosen over time, or butt jointed corners, which are not as strong or durable.

To meet their high quality and value standards, our manufacturing techniques are kept up to date, efficient and precise. Our automatic multi-spindle drilling machine, for example, can drill up to eight precisely located holes at once.

Stronglite Drill MachineDrill Machine: Stronglite uses precision assembly jigs to assure that all of thier products fit together and function properly. For instance, their solid steel frame jig assures that every table frame is square flat, so that your table opens and closes smoothly.

Product Testing: All Stronglite products, components and materials are inspected and tested repeatedly from conception through shipping. They rely on customer feedback, too, which tells us that Stronglite tables are among the strongest in the industry.

Stronglite's mechanical engineers use computer aided design (CAD) and stress analysis programs to develop Stronglite products. This way they're assured that our designs have no weak points and that all the members have a large factor of safety even under the most trying loading conditions.

Worker Inspecting Part: Each piece of wood is inspected when it is first cut, and at each manufacturing step to assure that it meets our demanding standards. Individual components are tested to insure that they meet design criteria.

4000 LB. Load on Stronglite Portable Massage Table: Stronglite massage tables and massage chairs are tested in our lab to a much higher stress than they will ever see in even the most intense situations. Shown is a Classic massage table loaded with 4,000 pounds of sandbags - a far more severe test than loading with rigid metal weights.

Every Stronglite massage table is set up and tested for function, strength and squeaks before it is shipped.